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Yaron Betan

Executive Director and Owner

Yaron Betan is a visionary writer, producer, director and illustrator who has worked both in comics and in cinema for over 20 years. Previously owner of Concept Media Arts, and Moving Image Film Festival, Betan has carved out a market while supporting other up and coming artists and creators with his documentary and tv series Heroes Manufactured & Heroes Manufactured: Creators Unleashed. In 2020 He also founder his online streaming service for Movies and comics known as while producing a web series under the heroes brand which helped promote international comic book creators within his community.

Recently Betan became one of the few creators to support

A.I. Comic book creation and is building a community of publishers and creators who support the A.I. Art movement while finding new and innovative ways to create art and storytelling. As the founder of ARTofficial Comics it is his passion and mission to support artists and creators who are looking for a home to integrate A.I. Art with traditional forms of comic creation to start a new form of comic book storytelling.

Zavosh Zaboliyan

Managing Partner

Zavosh Zaboliyan has been a collaborating partner with the Heroes Manufactured brand and other projects under the White Night Studios / Concept Media Arts brands for over 15 years. His devotion for the arts and production as a partner and managing director has exceeded his abilities to say the least. Zavosh has helped and collaborated in over 40 projects. He has acted as both the operations manager and finance liaison in several film, tv, music and literary works and is now helping ARTofficial Comics grow its footprint into several markets both domestically and internationally. Zavosh is a spearhead in the growth of ARTofficial Comics and is a large supporter of A.I. Art creation.

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Philip Moran

Creative Manager

Philip Moran is the major contributor in the arts and performance based media. Philip is the host and co-creator of Heroes Manufactured: Creators Unleashed and has supported and worked with several comic creators and celebrity comic artists in the industry over the past 5 years. Although new to comic book publishing. Philip brings fresh incite in writing and storytelling to ARTofficial Comics and is looking forward to growing our library of comics with some of the top producers in both Canada and the U.S.

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